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Mold Cleaner

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Mold Cleaner

- Characteristics : 3 container semi-auto organic mixture (mold cleaner)
- Container 1,2 : ultrasonic
- Container 3 : steam
- Transfer mode : Hanger geared motor or Cylinder (up, right movement)

▶ Dry Machine

Automatic drying discharge of machine parts, auto parts, P/BOX, electric parts are automatically processed that can be composed in OVEN type conveyor.

▶ Mold Cleaner

It can form System that can perfectly wash the foreign substance, oil, dust and rust in auto parts and mold of wire or wireless communication parts using mold cleaner and U/Sonic method.

▶ Waste liquid regenerator

It is environment-friendly equipment that purifies and regenerate waste carbon-hydro liquid created after cleaning.

▶ Centrifugal Separator

It filters substances created from processor, polishing machine and cleaner which can prolong the usage of oil and cleaning water and it reduces generation of waster liquid significantly.

▶ Cleaning Liquid

Various environment-friendly cleaning liquid such as P/Box cleaning liquid, mold cleaning liquid, engine cleaning liquid is available which acquired various permits.


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